Drop 5kgs in 12 days safely…….Here’s how

You’ll be amazed at how much weight you can drop in 12 short days!


The 4 Secrets Of Safe and Effective Rapid Fat Loss

But should you do it? Is it safe?

I believe in taking a long term approach to diet and training. Making gradual changes that stick for the long term. And staying away from gimmicks or short term solutions.

But there are legitimate times in your life when you need the ability to make rapid physique changes:

  • an upcoming special occasion when to want to look your best
  • to kick off a fat loss goal
  • to put the finishing touches on a transformation
  • to bust through a stubborn plateau

Perhaps you and your spouse just booked a romantic last minute vacation deal, and you want to look your best for the beach. Or maybe you’ve got a high school reunion on the horizon, and you want the entire room to watch with envy when you walk in the door. Sometimes life’s “special moments” call for more vigorous fat loss methods.

The 4 Secrets Of Safe and Effective Rapid Fat Loss

In my experience, there are three necessary ingredients for a safe and effective short term rapid fat loss diet plan.

1. Massive but safe calorie reduction

If you want to see the fastest fat loss results, then you have to dramatically reduce the amount of calories you’re eating.

Half a Kilo of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories. In order to get rid of that unwanted fat, you have to tap into those calories and convince your body to use them as fuel.

Translation: you’re going to have to eat a lot less than normal. But don’t worry, it’s only for a short time.

2. Protect calorie burning metabolic muscle mass

The other thing you must be concerned with when dieting is protecting your lean muscle mass. We care about maintaining lean muscle for a couple important reasons.

Muscle is metabolically active and helps you burn more calories. But thatʼs only part of the equation. Muscle also provides a number of other important benefits, foremost of which is better management of insulin.

Insulin is your “storage” hormone. The better your body is at using it, the more you’ll store the energy from your food in lean tissues instead of fat cells. And the less insulin your body is pumping out, the more stored fat you’ll be able to free up and burn off.

If you’re doing a period of hard dieting, you want to maintain that lean muscle at all costs. Ignoring this rule is one of the main causes of useless rebound weight gain.

That’s why resistance training is a must. But you also need to include sufficient protein in your diet to prevent your body from breaking down muscle tissue to make glucose in the absence of carbs.

3. Ensure essential nutrients

Reducing the number of calories you take in each day means you’re at greater than normal risk of missing essential nutrients.

Careful supplementation will help you avoid this. Eating whole foods is a great start. But it isn’t always enough.

The foods we eat nowadays from conventional farming just don’t have the same nutritional value as they did in the past. Many crucial “micro-nutrients”—things like vitamins and minerals—have been depleted from the soil due to chemically-dependent farming practices.

Livestock are fed diets that they didn’t evolve to eat. And that can cause a host of problems, such as a less than optimal nutritional profile in the product that makes it to the shelves.

This is where supplements can help. Taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil and a couple other strategic supplements will provide you with all the nutritional insurance you need.

4. Provide sufficient fuel for daily life / activities

You won’t stay on the program for long if your diet leaves you barely functional, unable to make it through your day.

The final thing to take into account when dieting hard is that your diet must provide sufficient fuel for your daily activities—without slowing down your fat loss results.

When it comes to fuel, your body uses two main sources: carbohydrates and fat.

The problem with carbs is that they increase your body’s insulin response.

When you eat carbs, your body converts them to glucose. As your blood glucose levels climb, your pancreas secretes insulin to mop up the excess and deliver it to your cells.

Insulin reacts with fat cells to ensure that no fatty acids are released into the blood stream. That means your fat is locked in! If you’re living in an insulin resistant state, even small amounts of the wrong foods can spike your insulin and lock in fat—even if you’re NOT overeating.

Your goal is to focus on fats for fuel. When you shift your body to using fat for fuel, you actually enjoy changes at the cellular level that make it EASIER to burn fat on an ongoing basis.

Once you become “fat adapted”, you can get your body to burn even more fat for fuel by removing fat from your diet every other day.

There you go. Weave those 4 secrets into your rapid fat loss plan and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the pounds drop away.

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Desire with Faith can overcome all

Desire with Faith knows no boundaries.

To attain of definite purpose we must create an all consuming plan. A plan that becomes all consuming until our definite purpose has been achieved.

To keep the focus and to remain on track, no matter what, we need to remove all options to retreat. When only one option remains, and that is success, we will achieve our definite purpose.

We need to have  desire so strong that it become an obsession, with no thought or option for failure.

This clarity of vision of our definite purpose will carry us to our obsessively envisioned goals.

Our desire needs to transmute into the riches we have a plan to achieve.

6 Steps to achieve riches through the transmutation of your thoughts and desires:

  1. Know the exact amount of money you need to achieve your definite purpose.
  2. Establish exactly what it is that you need to do in return for the riches you desire.
  3. Have a definite time frame for the achievement of riches.
  4. Establish your plan and begin at once, don’t wait for everything to be right, start today!
  5. Put your plan into written form. Make it concise, with the amount you wish to achieve, the time frame as to when you will achieve this goal and clear definition of what you will do to achieve this goal.
  6. Read and re-read this statement twice a day and see yourself already in possession of the money you wish to achieve. Act and feel as if you are already in possession of the riches you desire.

We need to be so convincing of ourselves that our goal is achievable to the point that we act as if it has already been achieved. We must become money conscious! Through knowing we will achieve our goal it becomes real and the universe will conspire to help us.

To achieve riches we cannot leave this to chance but instead through vision and then planning this will be achieved.

“No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality” and “No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than it is to accept misery and poverty”.

Strong desire is able to overcome and conquer mother nature.

What I Learned from Reading Chapter 1 of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

A summary of the lessons

The Timeless Classic Best Seller

This classic novel is a timeless masterpiece, with lessons as equally valuable today as they were the day they were written.

We are told to search for and discover our Definite Purpose, our true calling in life, and to become consumed by it until we realise our goal or destiny.

Destiny however, is only reached by obsessively doing all that we must to attain our Definite Purpose.

A definite of Purpose eliminates obstructions and overcomes the negative influences that we encounter along our journey. Interestingly success is often found at the point just beyond that which we become overwhelmed and quit.

We also learn that anything that we can visualise in our mind with true passion and conviction we can achieve in the physical sense.

Wealth and success, in terms of whatever that may be to you, begins with Definite of Purpose. You must know and be ware of exactly what it is that you wish to achieve. Once we have this clear picture in our minds, dominating our every thought and action we find that we are able to attract the very things that we desire.

Know your Definite Purpose, hold this thought in your mind every minute of every day and think of it with passion.

See yourself already in possession of that which you desire.

See yourself already living the life you desire and all the ideas, tools, people and opportunities that you need will present themselves in a timely manner.

Live your life with Definite Purpose.

Overcoming Frustration in Sales

Selling can be Frustrating

How to overcome the frustrations of sales situations

We all have days of frustration, where nothing seems to go our way or the things that we are working on seem to be more difficult then they would be on any normal day.
Although days like this can be difficult and we may feel like taking the day off before things get any worse, if we are to be successful we need to find a way to work through this temporary position.
What are the best ways to tackle this frustration?
One sure way to get back on track and remain on track is to have a routine, a number of steps that you take to accomplish your daily tasks.
If you have a routine or a blueprint that you follow each day, in whatever your planned activity, this will help you continue to move forward despite the obstacles.
External factors remain but these will have less affect on you if you have a plan.
A plan will allow you to get back to work and to stay focused on the task at hand. If interrupted, you can easily pick up where you left off or have a clear next step once you have finished the task at hand.
Each day I follow a similar routine, from the moment I wake up in the morning until the time my head hits the pillow,  it is certainly not an exact science but more a framework to help me accomplish my daily tasks and get the most out of each day.
I find that if I stray to far from my plan I find myself frustrated at my lack of progress or limited achievement of tasks for the day.
Of course it is difficult to adhere religiously to a strict plan and naturally flexibility is required. However a plan will allow you to get back on track if something becomes urgent or a crisis raises its head.
Each day I use the following frame work as a guide to productivity. This is a guide only and will not suit everyone’s individual circumstances or situation.
Rise early and complete my desired exercise plan. This starts me fresh for the day and clear’s my head. I listen to a podcast whilst I exercise to set my self up for the day ahead. I also find that once I have exercised this is then something I don’t need to think about for the rest of the day. I have done something good for my body. If I miss out on my run or ride in the morning I am constantly thinking about it during the day and telling myself that I need to do something once I finish work and after a long tough day this can become very challenging. So if I get up and without thinking, i follow my exercise routine in the morning my day is off to a great start.
Following my exercise I make sure I have a good breakfast before getting ready and heading off to the office.
On my commute to work I again listen to a podcast to get my mind in the right space for the day ahead. This podcast can be something related specifically to the job at hand for the day, for example advanced selling strategies or it can be something related to a task or a project that I may be working on or a new field of study that I am interested in. No matter what the topic as long as it is positive and inspiring so that I reach my work place in an energised state.
Reading good sales books or books related to your field is another good way to motivate you for the day ahead, although I find with podcast I can consume these whilst doing other tasks such as exercising or during my daily commute, not so easy to do with a book.
Once arriving at the workplace it is important to begin the day immediately, before the coffee or smoko break. Set up your day, review your diary and plan the day ahead. This way you are staying ahead of the curve and are prepared for anything that may come up during the day.
Each morning I like to write out a number of goals or targets that I set for myself each day, fitting these around any pre booked appointments or scheduled tasks that I have during the day.
Examples of these targets are:
  •      Number of phone calls I plan to make for the day
  •      Number of sales I plan to achieve
  •      Update of the monthly progress of the targets above to ensure I      remain on track.
My work day is from 8am to 6pm, this allows me to capture the early enquire and the end of the day enquiry.
I find a 40 hour week is only just keeping up where as it takes 50-60 hours aw week to get ahead. I realise this is a big ask for some people but if you want to get ahead and reap the rewards down the track you need to put in the time now.
My plan for each day is to complete a set number of tasks that result in the successful completion of the job at hand.
If you consistently action and complete the most important tasks of the day, the tasks that create the desired results you find that you begin to build a pipeline. Each action should be moving prospects or customers along a conveyor belt towards your sales funnel.
Each day you must perform actions that move people further along the pipeline.
You want to be in a situation where you are continually moving people along the pipeline to a point where they buy the product or service that you are selling. If you can do this successfully and consistently you will always have a ready supply of customers reaching the critical point at which they are ready to buy what you are selling.
If you don’t have a system and you are not moving people along your pipeline you are move than likely “hauling buckets” and by that I mean,each day you are starting from scratch with no real process from moving your customer from non-buyer to buyer or from interested party to customer.
Further than this you will want to have a system that allows you to keep in touch with your customers after their purchase. this creates the opportunity to create and encourage repeat purchases.
As I am sure that you have heard many times, it is cheaper and easier to continue to sell to an existing customer than it is to find and nurture a new one.
Create your own selling strategies but always remember the easiest way to sell anything to help the customer to buy!



Logan’s Run Marathon MTB Event

Ride 70k’s he said, it will be fun he said!

Well, I must admit, although I was very apprehensive about my longest ride ever, and 70’ks in some very tough terrain was certainly going to be a challenge, it turned out to be a fantastic day out in the forest riding with my best buddy.

Ready for the 70K MTB Marathon

All smiles before the start of the gruelling 70K dirt marathon.

It was an early start as we set out from home, leaving Brisbane in some particularly heavy fog. The morning was cool and sky was overcast which meant the day was hopefully not going to be too hot. After a coffee on the run and grabbing a few supplies we arrived an hour later at the Lilybrook Homestead, it was already a hive of activity and the first thing we noticed was how serious everyone looked! We were out for a fun day of riding with the accomplishment of finishing our first Mountain Bike Marathon Event.

Ready to race

Final preparations before the long journey ahead

With a chill still in the air we made our way down to the registration tent to collect our numbers for the race . It was a nice surprise to also find that we received a water bottle and a T-shirt for our entry fee. We headed back up to the car to attach our race numbers and make our final preparations before the long day ahead in the saddle. As the start time of 9.30am drew near the eager competitors madetheir way to the start line for the rider briefing. There were 2

Readying for the Start

Riders getting the run down on the day ahead

races, The Logan’s run 70 K which would start at 9.30am and then the shorter 40K Base Camp Blast that would head off 30 minutes later, hopefully giving the Marathon riders a far enough head start that we would get caught by the faster Blast riders.   And then we were off, my best mate and riding buddy Lamb, was on my younger brothers trusty, but very old, Trek Fuel. She was a good old thing in her time but now more suited to excursions of the bike path variety. With V brakes and some sticky front suspension it was going to be a day of survival. Our first mechanical issue was about 500M out from the start line when we had some chain ring issues. This was not something we could do much about so we were going to have to continue on and cope with it best we could. This was going to make things a bit tricky for Lamb as he used gears either side of the centre chain ring, not to worry, it was an adventure and nothing was going to stop us from finishing. Just another 2 k’s up the road Lamb somehow found the pavement! We were on a gentle climb up a gravel road and suddenly Lamb spun a wheel and was on the deck. It was a freak accident and one we couldn’t blame on the equipment. Luckily nothing more than a bit of racing rash and some blood so we continued on. By this time we were at the back of the pack but were catching a few other riders along the way. The trail along the lake was picturesque with the old climb thrown in for good measure. We needed to pace ourselves for the long day ahead and kept together. The early distance markers passed fairly quickly, 5, 10, 15k’s we were going well. Then suddenly the first 3 riders in the Base Camp Blast event thundered past, these guys were flying. We knew that we were approaching the turnaround point for the shorter 40K event so we had to now keep an eye out for these three coming back the other way on the narrow, sandy and sometimes blind corners. Once these guys had passed back the other way we reached the turnaround not long after but for us it was straight ahead with a further 50K to go.

A Tough and very long ride

After a tough day in the saddle with racing rash to prove it.

Unfortunately not long past this point the Trek was struck down again, this time by a flat rear tyre. We pulled over and not bothering to find the leak we replaced the tube, hoping that this was our third and last issue for the day. Whilst Lamb changed the tyre I tried one of my peanut butter energy gels. This was the first time I had tried one of these and I was hoping that it might get me through the day. Also while we were changing the tyre the 2 groups of riders that we had caught and passed managed to get back in front. With the tyre replaced and the wheel back on we again set off. Not much further up the track we turned off the lake trail and headed up the Ridge Line Trail. We had looked on the map previously and we knew this was going to be a long and very tough climb. The good news was this was the toughest of the 2 climbs today and once we were up we got to enjoy a pretty hardcore, black diamond descent. The trails were great and with much variety, from loose shale climbs to some fast berm corners.  the best part of the course I felt was over the back on the descent after the second climb. This was territory I had not ridden before and was clean exciting single track leading down the hillside passing through the corrugated iron tunnel which brought us back to the grassy plains and the homeward run. The marshall’s were also terrific with words of encouragement as we passed each of the check points. We were now back on the lake trail and heading home, although very tired after some epic climbs we were still feeling good and tried to pick up the average pace. Always sticking together and making sure we both got to the finish together we again started top pick up some of the struggling riders. The closer we got to home it felt the hills became steeper, we were beginning to tire as these climbs did not rate on the way out but were certainly presenting a challenge on the way home, we kept telling ourselves this was the last climb until finally we could see the Homestead. It was just a matter of turning over the pedals one by one as it was coming up to just over 6 hours on the bike.

Crossing under the Deswick finishing arch was a relief with a sense of accomplishment. What a great day and certainly an awesome experience.



A Brisbane Sunrise

Beautiful Brisbane Morning

The Sun rising over the Brisbane City Skyline

At 5.10am with the temperature at 15 degrees Brisbane offers another perfect autumn morning.

A beautiful way to start the day, a brisk pre-dawn ride around the beautiful Brisbane River.

This time of year the sun is rising later and in some of the lower reaches there is even some fog in the cool before the rising sun.

On today’s ride it was dark until reaching the city so head and tail lights were certainly a necessity. I use the Meteor 200 Lumen Moon Lights, usually 2 forward facing, 1 full beam for vision and the other set in the flashing strobe position to prolong its life so it can be used as back up if required.

As the sun began to rise the view from the Lower Kangaroo Point Cliff bikeway was amazing and although I wanted to push on the moment had to be captured before continuing.

Another 10 minutes on and after passing under the Story Bridge and exiting the Dockside boardwalk, another scene presented itself, the sun reflecting off the Dockside Apartment Hotel and the clouds in the background, an image to capture.

Pre-Dawn Dockside

The Dockside Lookout

With 75% of the ride complete it was time to exchange water bottles ready for the ride home.

These regular training rides in the early morning are improving my fitness whilst clearing the head for the day ahead. There are a number of goals for these rides:

  1. To regain a level of fitness which in turn enables a more enjoyable off road mountain bike ride on Sundays.
  2. To assist with my weight loss program of 1kg per week.
  3. Reducing my times on the same river loop from the original 1hr 13 mins down to a best time so far of 1hr 5 mins.

With the photo stops this morning moving time blew out to 1hr 8 mins although it felt comfortable.






River Sunrise



Sunrise over Brisbane City

The sun rising over the river from behind the Brisbane City Skyline

As the weather starts to become cooler in the morning and the sun is rising a little later it may seem to be more difficult to get out on the bike in the pre dawn but it is certainly worth it when you do get out there.

This glorious sunrise was the greeting on my Tuesday morning River Loop. It was such a special scene that I had to stop and capture the moment.
#Autumn in #Brisbane with the sun rising from behind the city skyline, just perfect! Even achieved a couple of #Strava PR’s

5 Reasons to Test Drive the GEN F HSV Maloo at Motorama City Holden


Super Impressive HSV Maloo R8

The New GEN F HSV Maloo R8

Stock Clearance of all 2013 plates in underway and it is now February so get in before they are all gone.

If you are looking for a new GEN F Maloo R8 325kW or an SV Enhanced 340kW model in either Manual or Automatic we have your car.

5 Reasons to Test Drive your New HSV Maloo at Motorama City Holden & HSV

  1.  Great range of runout stock
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  3.  Manual and Automatic models available
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  5.  Capped Price Servicing of just $220

At Motorama City Holden & HSV we are clearing our last 2013 plated vehicles before new stock arrives later this month, that means great deals!

We have a 7 HSV Maloo’s of various configurations that now need to go, we even have a rare opportunity for someone to take advantage of a demonstrator model.

Our demonstrator (pictured below) is an R8 model in the very sought after Phantom Black. An Automatic model with the SV 20″ Satin Graphite Wheel upgrade.

Be quick so you don’t miss out.

Arrange a test drive today, call Jason on 0418 155 818.

“I just want one!”

GEN F HSV Maloo Auto  R8 Phantom Demo 05022014


An Australia Day Daisy

Daisy Hill MTB Park

Australia Day on the daisy Trails

It was 5am Australia Day morning and 23 degrees, the skies were overcast and there were some dark clouds with the odd light shower of cooling rain. A perfect morning for our first Daisy Hill ride for the year.

I jumped out of the Colorado, it had been quite a few weeks since my last ride with PK at Daisy Hill Conservation Park and that didn’t end pretty! Last time we were here I bounced off a tree and hurtled into the forest landing on my side with a crushing blow and a stake in my right arm, the result, a trip to the emergency ward, after breakfast of course, and 8 stitches.

It was time to face my demons and get back on the GIANT horse that threw me!

Top of the Ripley's Trail

Resting at the top of the Ripley’s climb.

After recent rains the trails had been washed clean. Daisy drains well so despite the heavy rains it was still solid under wheel and perfect for an early morning pedal.

As we made our way from the Duck Pond on Underwood Road up along 2nd Cummin to the Five-Ways  it was nice to see a few Wallabies to welcome us back. It is so peaceful and their are not too many other bikes on the trails yet although I am sure it will be a busy day.

From the Five-ways it was a nice run down the Tunnel of Love, I was in the lead so this was my chance to pick the right line through the Rock Garden and make PK proud. My line was to the left as this seemed to be the shortest and most well worn path.

The Tunnel of Love continues down and through the fence line to become the Koala Trail, a nice flowing trail that you can really pick up some speed before again reaching the  Stringy Bark fire trail link road.

Turning off the main trail we then headed up Ripley’s, an awesome single track climb through the open wooded forest. Daisy Hill is a special place and the forest can change from one side of the hill to the other providing plenty of variety and different riding conditions.

At the end of Ripley’s, we decided to take a right hand turn and head up the short Gilligan’s trail, only 450m but a link we hadn’t ridden before so we thought we’d take a look. Linking again with the fire trail we headed back to the Five-Ways via the SpeedLink which is always a quick down hill run to the creek. The ride through the valley looks like a scene out of Jurassic Park, with the large ferns and the thick undergrowth.

Although the run down is free flowing and a short cut back to the Five-ways there is still a bit of climb back up. After about 12k’s of riding under the belt this climb can be quite challenging.

It was nice to reach the top and the cooling breeze at the Five-Ways was a welcome relief. After a short breather it was then down Possum Box, stopping briefly to visit the scene of the accident to see if I could find the culprit spear that caused all the damage to my right forearm last time I passed.

With Possum Box cleared without incident it was then just the short ride out through Mad Max and Choc Buddah back to the awaiting Colorado’s at the Duck Pond.

It had been a great first ride of the year on the Daisy Trails for Australia Day and after loading up the bikes it was time for the usual breakfast stop at the Rochedale Deli Cafe, a favourite among many of the riders after a active morning on the trails.


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Beating the Baggage Allowance

Baggage Maximisation!

Avoiding the excess baggage charge!

These days airlines charge a fee for the baggage allowance which was once included in all air travel tickets.

Therefore it is handy to know what IS the baggage allowance for each of the domestic airlines in Australia and what they charge for the privilege.

We found Webjet has a handy domestic guide. Click here for Australian Domestic Airline Baggage Allowances.

Flight Centre also has a comprehensive airline guide including International Baggage Allowances. Click here for International Baggage Allowances.

It is also good to know that this is a combined bagged allowance. You can take as many bags as you like, as long as the total weight does not exceed the allowance.

Armed with this knowledge is was Michelle’s responsibility to pack the bag for our short weekend excursion to Cairns, North Queensland.

The challenge had been set, one bag between the two of us and it had to include my Mega Huge Afro Wig and the costumes for the 70’s Disco Birthday Party, the reason for our trip.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and the photo above proves, to Michelle’s delight, her impeccable packing ability!

With a grin, and a quick photo for proof at the checkin counter, Michelle proudly announced, “Challenge Completed!”

Well done Michelle, you can pack my bags any day!

What is your best story for getting away with excess baggage?


Learning from Life…