Stung by Trees or Eaten by Crocodiles…..

Fantastic MTB Trails

Checking out the trails at Smithfield MTB Park

Talk about an adventure holiday destination, Cairns in Far North Queensland has it all.

From Bungee Jumping in the rainforest with the world famous AJ Hackett team, to Jet Ski Croc Spotting Tours in the Trinity Inlet. Cairns has all types of activities for the risk seeking, daredevil, globetrotting tourist.

Sounds fun but I thought I would stick to a more safer Mountain Bike excursion out at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park.

After an hour or so of riding through the dense and very humid rainforest along the very well made single track I was exhausted and decided to pull up under the shade of a tree for a breather and some cold water.

I rested the bike against a tree and took a seat and fished out a muesli bar from my back pack. It was a very relaxing  spot amongst the rainforest trees, with a cool breeze and just the bush turkeys for company.

The trails were great to explore and some very challenging.

Unfortunately the northern half of the park was closed in preparation for the trail upgrading for the World Cup in 2014.

Rainforest MTB Trails

Beware the Stinging Trees

Smithfield Mountain Bike Park is highly recommended and the 2014 MTB World Cup a must see,  just watch out for the stinging trees if you are venturing off the beaten tracks.