Colorado Road Trip

Southward journey through NSW

Mountain Biking in NSW

Following a leisurely Christmas break, feet were getting itchy and it was time to pack up the COLORADO and head south. With the bike on the roof, with its’ SCI CON bug protection, and gear in the back we were all ready to set off down the highway.

After and early start our first stop was for breakfast and why not stop at somewhere we always past but not yet visited, THE MACADAMIA CASTLE. As with everything this time of year it was extremely busy and we were prepared for a wait for our bacon and eggs. The stay were friendly, the coffee was a very nice blend and the Bacon and eggs flavoursome.

On our way out Michelle pick up some freshly roasted, flavoured macadamia nuts, delicious!

Back on the road and the traffic was now starting to build and the average speed slowing, especially through the many smaller towns along the route which have not yet been bypassed.

Arriving late afternoon after 10 hours in the car we were happy to stretch the legs and enjoy beautiful TERRIGAL on the Central Coast.

Last job was to check the fuel economy of the COLORADO, 9.5L/100K’s, not bad for an auto with a bike on the roof.

Excellent Fuel Economy

Automatic Holden Colorado Crew Cab with bike on roof still achieves under 10l/100k’s

What is different with the new HSV GEN F SV Enhanced?

What is it that sets the new HSV Gen F SV Enhanced Maloo and Clubsport apart from the standard Maloo and Clubsport Range?



The exciting new range of Gen F HSV start with the 317kW engine. All HSV models have satellite navigation, front and rear sensors, including a rear camera and the amazing auto park feature.

This is an exciting car in itself but it gets better!

The R8 models is where is starts to get exciting, bi-modal exhaust and a tune lift the engine performance to 325kW. The R8 also picks up full leather trim, and a heads up display.


Now lets get serious, the SV Enhanced models, a new edition to the range are now 340kW, thanks to the addition of a bi-modal air intake.

The SV Enhanced models have the same features of the R8, Including the Extended Driver Interface, with the Satin Graphite Wheel upgrade and matching mirror caps and fender vents to give this beast a very aggressive look.

Without going over the top and getting into the supercharged GTS, with 430kW the SV Enhanced is the next best thing and a great car to drive.

Demonstration vehicles are always available to test drive by appointment at Motorama City Holden & HSV so call today to experience the thrill and exhilaration of the new Gen F models.