A Brisbane Sunrise

Beautiful Brisbane Morning

The Sun rising over the Brisbane City Skyline

At 5.10am with the temperature at 15 degrees Brisbane offers another perfect autumn morning.

A beautiful way to start the day, a brisk pre-dawn ride around the beautiful Brisbane River.

This time of year the sun is rising later and in some of the lower reaches there is even some fog in the cool before the rising sun.

On today’s ride it was dark until reaching the city so head and tail lights were certainly a necessity. I use the Meteor 200 Lumen Moon Lights, usually 2 forward facing, 1 full beam for vision and the other set in the flashing strobe position to prolong its life so it can be used as back up if required.

As the sun began to rise the view from the Lower Kangaroo Point Cliff bikeway was amazing and although I wanted to push on the moment had to be captured before continuing.

Another 10 minutes on and after passing under the Story Bridge and exiting the Dockside boardwalk, another scene presented itself, the sun reflecting off the Dockside Apartment Hotel and the clouds in the background, an image to capture.

Pre-Dawn Dockside

The Dockside Lookout

With 75% of the ride complete it was time to exchange water bottles ready for the ride home.

These regular training rides in the early morning are improving my fitness whilst clearing the head for the day ahead. There are a number of goals for these rides:

  1. To regain a level of fitness which in turn enables a more enjoyable off road mountain bike ride on Sundays.
  2. To assist with my weight loss program of 1kg per week.
  3. Reducing my times on the same river loop from the original 1hr 13 mins down to a best time so far of 1hr 5 mins.

With the photo stops this morning moving time blew out to 1hr 8 mins although it felt comfortable.






River Sunrise



Sunrise over Brisbane City

The sun rising over the river from behind the Brisbane City Skyline

As the weather starts to become cooler in the morning and the sun is rising a little later it may seem to be more difficult to get out on the bike in the pre dawn but it is certainly worth it when you do get out there.

This glorious sunrise was the greeting on my Tuesday morning River Loop. It was such a special scene that I had to stop and capture the moment.
#Autumn in #Brisbane with the sun rising from behind the city skyline, just perfect! Even achieved a couple of #Strava PR’s