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Desire with Faith can overcome all

Desire with Faith knows no boundaries.

To attain of definite purpose we must create an all consuming plan. A plan that becomes all consuming until our definite purpose has been achieved.

To keep the focus and to remain on track, no matter what, we need to remove all options to retreat. When only one option remains, and that is success, we will achieve our definite purpose.

We need to have  desire so strong that it become an obsession, with no thought or option for failure.

This clarity of vision of our definite purpose will carry us to our obsessively envisioned goals.

Our desire needs to transmute into the riches we have a plan to achieve.

6 Steps to achieve riches through the transmutation of your thoughts and desires:

  1. Know the exact amount of money you need to achieve your definite purpose.
  2. Establish exactly what it is that you need to do in return for the riches you desire.
  3. Have a definite time frame for the achievement of riches.
  4. Establish your plan and begin at once, don’t wait for everything to be right, start today!
  5. Put your plan into written form. Make it concise, with the amount you wish to achieve, the time frame as to when you will achieve this goal and clear definition of what you will do to achieve this goal.
  6. Read and re-read this statement twice a day and see yourself already in possession of the money you wish to achieve. Act and feel as if you are already in possession of the riches you desire.

We need to be so convincing of ourselves that our goal is achievable to the point that we act as if it has already been achieved. We must become money conscious! Through knowing we will achieve our goal it becomes real and the universe will conspire to help us.

To achieve riches we cannot leave this to chance but instead through vision and then planning this will be achieved.

“No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality” and “No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than it is to accept misery and poverty”.

Strong desire is able to overcome and conquer mother nature.

What I Learned from Reading Chapter 1 of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

A summary of the lessons

The Timeless Classic Best Seller

This classic novel is a timeless masterpiece, with lessons as equally valuable today as they were the day they were written.

We are told to search for and discover our Definite Purpose, our true calling in life, and to become consumed by it until we realise our goal or destiny.

Destiny however, is only reached by obsessively doing all that we must to attain our Definite Purpose.

A definite of Purpose eliminates obstructions and overcomes the negative influences that we encounter along our journey. Interestingly success is often found at the point just beyond that which we become overwhelmed and quit.

We also learn that anything that we can visualise in our mind with true passion and conviction we can achieve in the physical sense.

Wealth and success, in terms of whatever that may be to you, begins with Definite of Purpose. You must know and be ware of exactly what it is that you wish to achieve. Once we have this clear picture in our minds, dominating our every thought and action we find that we are able to attract the very things that we desire.

Know your Definite Purpose, hold this thought in your mind every minute of every day and think of it with passion.

See yourself already in possession of that which you desire.

See yourself already living the life you desire and all the ideas, tools, people and opportunities that you need will present themselves in a timely manner.

Live your life with Definite Purpose.

The Key to being a Person of Influence

You can be the Connector!

5 Steps to become the person you have always wanted to be and that you know you can be.

A very timely read that will find you when you are ready to receive the messages. It will find you at a time when you are ready to take action to become a Key Person of Influence, a KPI, in your industry and in your personal life.

This book, “Become a Key Person of Influence” written by Daniel Priestley, lays the foundation, the five steps to move your from where you are today, virtually unknown, to a Key Person of Influence with opportunities abound.

The 5 Steps to become a Key Person on Influence in the next 6-12 months are:

  1. Develop your Perfect Pitch, your tagline.
  2. Write a Book.
  3. Make a Product.
  4. Become Web-famous.
  5. Find and Develop Joint Venture Partners and opportunities.

A simple yet comprehensive guide to becoming the person that you have been developing all your life.

Now it is time to move into the spotlight and let all those opportunities find you.

A great read, get your copy today and make this the year of YOU!