Overcoming Frustration in Sales

Selling can be Frustrating

How to overcome the frustrations of sales situations

We all have days of frustration, where nothing seems to go our way or the things that we are working on seem to be more difficult then they would be on any normal day.
Although days like this can be difficult and we may feel like taking the day off before things get any worse, if we are to be successful we need to find a way to work through this temporary position.
What are the best ways to tackle this frustration?
One sure way to get back on track and remain on track is to have a routine, a number of steps that you take to accomplish your daily tasks.
If you have a routine or a blueprint that you follow each day, in whatever your planned activity, this will help you continue to move forward despite the obstacles.
External factors remain but these will have less affect on you if you have a plan.
A plan will allow you to get back to work and to stay focused on the task at hand. If interrupted, you can easily pick up where you left off or have a clear next step once you have finished the task at hand.
Each day I follow a similar routine, from the moment I wake up in the morning until the time my head hits the pillow,  it is certainly not an exact science but more a framework to help me accomplish my daily tasks and get the most out of each day.
I find that if I stray to far from my plan I find myself frustrated at my lack of progress or limited achievement of tasks for the day.
Of course it is difficult to adhere religiously to a strict plan and naturally flexibility is required. However a plan will allow you to get back on track if something becomes urgent or a crisis raises its head.
Each day I use the following frame work as a guide to productivity. This is a guide only and will not suit everyone’s individual circumstances or situation.
Rise early and complete my desired exercise plan. This starts me fresh for the day and clear’s my head. I listen to a podcast whilst I exercise to set my self up for the day ahead. I also find that once I have exercised this is then something I don’t need to think about for the rest of the day. I have done something good for my body. If I miss out on my run or ride in the morning I am constantly thinking about it during the day and telling myself that I need to do something once I finish work and after a long tough day this can become very challenging. So if I get up and without thinking, i follow my exercise routine in the morning my day is off to a great start.
Following my exercise I make sure I have a good breakfast before getting ready and heading off to the office.
On my commute to work I again listen to a podcast to get my mind in the right space for the day ahead. This podcast can be something related specifically to the job at hand for the day, for example advanced selling strategies or it can be something related to a task or a project that I may be working on or a new field of study that I am interested in. No matter what the topic as long as it is positive and inspiring so that I reach my work place in an energised state.
Reading good sales books or books related to your field is another good way to motivate you for the day ahead, although I find with podcast I can consume these whilst doing other tasks such as exercising or during my daily commute, not so easy to do with a book.
Once arriving at the workplace it is important to begin the day immediately, before the coffee or smoko break. Set up your day, review your diary and plan the day ahead. This way you are staying ahead of the curve and are prepared for anything that may come up during the day.
Each morning I like to write out a number of goals or targets that I set for myself each day, fitting these around any pre booked appointments or scheduled tasks that I have during the day.
Examples of these targets are:
  •      Number of phone calls I plan to make for the day
  •      Number of sales I plan to achieve
  •      Update of the monthly progress of the targets above to ensure I      remain on track.
My work day is from 8am to 6pm, this allows me to capture the early enquire and the end of the day enquiry.
I find a 40 hour week is only just keeping up where as it takes 50-60 hours aw week to get ahead. I realise this is a big ask for some people but if you want to get ahead and reap the rewards down the track you need to put in the time now.
My plan for each day is to complete a set number of tasks that result in the successful completion of the job at hand.
If you consistently action and complete the most important tasks of the day, the tasks that create the desired results you find that you begin to build a pipeline. Each action should be moving prospects or customers along a conveyor belt towards your sales funnel.
Each day you must perform actions that move people further along the pipeline.
You want to be in a situation where you are continually moving people along the pipeline to a point where they buy the product or service that you are selling. If you can do this successfully and consistently you will always have a ready supply of customers reaching the critical point at which they are ready to buy what you are selling.
If you don’t have a system and you are not moving people along your pipeline you are move than likely “hauling buckets” and by that I mean,each day you are starting from scratch with no real process from moving your customer from non-buyer to buyer or from interested party to customer.
Further than this you will want to have a system that allows you to keep in touch with your customers after their purchase. this creates the opportunity to create and encourage repeat purchases.
As I am sure that you have heard many times, it is cheaper and easier to continue to sell to an existing customer than it is to find and nurture a new one.
Create your own selling strategies but always remember the easiest way to sell anything to help the customer to buy!