The Key to being a Person of Influence

You can be the Connector!

5 Steps to become the person you have always wanted to be and that you know you can be.

A very timely read that will find you when you are ready to receive the messages. It will find you at a time when you are ready to take action to become a Key Person of Influence, a KPI, in your industry and in your personal life.

This book, “Become a Key Person of Influence” written by Daniel Priestley, lays the foundation, the five steps to move your from where you are today, virtually unknown, to a Key Person of Influence with opportunities abound.

The 5 Steps to become a Key Person on Influence in the next 6-12 months are:

  1. Develop your Perfect Pitch, your tagline.
  2. Write a Book.
  3. Make a Product.
  4. Become Web-famous.
  5. Find and Develop Joint Venture Partners and opportunities.

A simple yet comprehensive guide to becoming the person that you have been developing all your life.

Now it is time to move into the spotlight and let all those opportunities find you.

A great read, get your copy today and make this the year of YOU!

2 thoughts on “The Key to being a Person of Influence”

  1. Hey Lamb,

    I have met Daniel and the book was highly recommended on a few different blogs that I read so I was interested to see what he had to say.

    It was a quick and simple read and once I got into it I knocked it over in 2 days.

    Full of common sense observations and simple to implement ideas for raising your profile in your chosen field and in turn increasing your business reach.

    Worth a read to give you a different way of looking at the way we conduct ourselves in our daily lives. Today our online social profile really is an open book and it is up to us how we wish the world to see us.

    As the saying goes, we are who GOOGLE says we are.

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